Gelbe Iris

In my opinion, Irises are one of the most picturesque flowers. A lot of artists appealed to Irises in Their Works. And of course I could not resist to its magical grace.
This etude I made ​​in alla prima technique, applying Freer wide strokes of brush.
I tried to depict the play of lights and shadows on the petals. The sun generously lighted the flowers, and gave a contrast with deep green leafs and saturated yellow.
I applyed lemon yellow and yellow ocher in the lights and earth brown with emerald green in the shadows.

So I used whiteground of canvas to picture Overtones and to highlight the silhouette of irises.

Verfügbarkeit For sale
Preis 312€
Gewicht 0.3 kg
Breite 30 cm
Höhe 40 cm
Tiefe 0.2 cm
Material Oil on canvas/ cardboard
Entstehungsdatum 4.05.2015
Technik Oil painting
Motive Flowers
Objektname Still life
Künstler Daria Artwind
Stil impressionism, realism
Rahmung Yes
Signierung front
Datierung front
Tags iris, blumen, gelb, Ölgemälde
Land Germany
Bundesland Baden-Württemberg
Entfernung: 5,488 Kilometer
Adresse 1 Körschwiesen 27, 70567 Stuttgart, Deutschland
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