Ripe Sunflowers, textured, each of them has its own unrepeatable uniqueness and compels attention of artists for a long time. Sunflowers Became a symbol of Sun and vitality.
On the picture you can see a sunflower in a full vigor. Signs of wilting barely touched a flower, its yellow petals tremble silently on the wind. Stem is juicy green and full of Vital Energy. Only the velvet black, special shine of seeds hints about the soon fading on the one side and undercover spark of life on the Another Side.
Depicted on the sky blue background sunflower as if it can not leave the Sun. The cold blue highlights a hot green of flower, its vitality, relief and peculiar monumentality. All this modest triumph of being complemented with volume of green leaf shined with sunlight.

Verfügbarkeit For sale
Preis 168€
Gewicht 0.3 kg
Breite 30 cm
Höhe 30 cm
Tiefe 0.2 cm
Material Oil on canvas/ cardboard
Entstehungsdatum 10.10.2015
Technik Oil paintind
Motive Flower
Objektname Still life
Künstler Daria Artwind
Stil impressionism, realism
Signierung front
Datierung front
Land Germany
Bundesland Baden-Württemberg
Entfernung: 5,488 Kilometer
Adresse 1 70567, Stuttgart
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