The purple tulips

This glamorous shimmering flowers I painted from nature. I made ​​attempt to express Their vividness, gradient of color tones from violet to purpure, springiness of juicy petals. The deep shadows and contrast refraction of light and dark tones build a volume of the buds . This flower still life Could perfectly decorate a bedroom or living room as a bright colored accent in the interior.

Verfügbarkeit 1
Preis 280€
Preis auf Anfrage Yes
Gewicht 0.3 kg
Breite 30 cm
Höhe 24 cm
Tiefe 0.2 cm
Material Oil on canvas/ cardboard
Entstehungsdatum 2016
Technik Oil painting
Motive still life, flowers
Objektname Tulips, Flowers
Künstler Daria Artwind
Stil impressionism, realism
Signierung front
Datierung front
Land Germany
Bundesland Baden-Württemberg
Entfernung: 5,488 Kilometer
Adresse 1 70567, Stuttgart
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